Transmedia partners are suppliers of services with whom we have had long term experience, and based on the quality of what they offer, their customer service and their all round reliability, we feel able to commend them to others. We should add - we don't get paid to do so!

Total Mac

Dino Scott, the proprietor of Total Mac, is a trustworthy and reliable professional who can help with most IT support requirements. A specialist in networking (and anything else clients might find complex), Dino will solve your Mac and Windows IT problems. We recommend him unreservedly.

Chris Bell of provides some fantastic location data, which can be used by web and database developers to answer all sorts of questions. For example, enter a postcode to return latitude and longitude. Or two place names, to find the driving distance between them. There are numerous downloadable spreadsheets of address data, such as postal districts, counties and constituencies.

It's a great resource for developers of CRM applications, who want valid address-oriented data to draw from, all in one place. There's even a random address generator, which as a database trainer, I find very useful in the preparation of training files. Highly recommended.

macProVideo is an online education community featuring tutorial videos for popular audio and video applications including the Adobe Creative Suite, Apple's Logic Studio, Final Cut Studio, and many more.

We rate their knowledge and presentation very highly. Check them out at


The Transmedia website is hosted by Rapidhost, and their HostFileMaker service. We've always found the company reliable and their service excellent. In their own words ...

"HostFileMaker is a dedicated managed hosting service for users and developers of FileMaker applications. It is powered by RapidHost for users who want their servers to be located in the UK. With the majority of new business being gained through customer recommendation, the HostFileMaker service continues to keep pace in a market that is always changing. RapidHost's specialist knowledge in helping companies using the FileMaker technology onto the internet has led them to become the leading supplier of FileMaker hosting worldwide."

Prime Find

Prime Office Space offers comprehensive listings of serviced, managed and conventional offices at prime locations throughout London and the UK.

The advanced search tools they use make it easy to find serviced offices, managed office space and business centre accommodation. Itís a free service and we always find the staff very helpful.

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