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Claris FileMaker Development

Transmedia is a leading UK FileMaker development consultancy and one of only 100 Claris Platinum Partners worldwide.

Our team can build custom desktop, mobile or web apps from scratch or help you enhance your current system.

Update or improve your existing FileMaker system

We can help existing FileMaker users enhance their systems by streamlining or adding new modules. We can also give you ideas for integrations with non-FileMaker technologies. We're always available for a no-obligations chat.

Custom Apps built in FileMaker

A custom app is the ultimate solution for any organisation. But along with features that properly fit your workflow, you need to know that your provider will listen carefully and deliver what you asked for within your budget and the timescale promised.

Transmedia will do all of this and help you bring skills in-house over the long term if you wish.

30years working with Claris