User Experience (UX/UI) Design

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Course Outline

  • Guiding Principles
  • User Research
  • Illustrating the Context of Use
  • Measuring Usability
  • Information Architecture

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User Experience is defined as every aspect of a product that can be experienced by a user. In the world of digital design, this might include a landing page, an entire website, the product itself, or simply every aspect of the service. But just knowing this does not mean we really understand the details that comprise it and make it work. Gaining a deep understanding of what UX Design is, as well as what it is not, is the first step on the way to really understanding UX as a discipline. Our in-depth, five day course provides delegates with a thorough understanding of the principles of, and practical experience of using, industry best practice involved in operating, monitoring, reporting, implementing, planning and improving User Experience. The course covers UX/UI theory comprehensively, with the help of plenty of practical hands-on exercises, using various tools including Adobe XD, to create digital prototype. As a further benefit, the course covers all the topics necessary to pass the British Computer Society (BCS) Foundation on User Experience Exam for Certification. Topics covered include Guiding principles, User research, Illustrating the context of use, Measuring usability, Information architecture, Interaction design, Visual design, Interface prototyping, Usability evaluation, Sketching screens, pages and interactions and Building a prototype.

Course Outline

Guiding Principles

  • Key principles of user centred design
  • Introduction to ISO9241 as an important standard in the field of usability
  • Clarification of the differences between usability and user experience
  • How to confidently identify user needs and goals

User Research

  • State proper components of use
  • Craft methods of target audience interviewing
  • Define difference between observation and interpretation
  • Gather and analyse qualified user data
  • Develop research techniques and methods

Illustrating the Context of Use

  • Identify potential users of your product or system
  • Create your product personas, interpret their needs
  • Clarify the Hick’s Law principle of relation between number of choices of user interface
  • State and manage the elements of user stories

Measuring Usability

  • Define usability in different terms of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction
  • Use behavioural data to identify good and poor design ideas
  • Choose between design alternatives using a/b testing method
  • Explain the value of iterative design

Information Architecture

  • Create a structured experience from disorganised information
  • Develop a proper flow between a person and a product or service
  • Organise, structure and label content, functions and features
  • Contrast an implementation model, mental model and conceptual model

Interaction Design

  • Confidently describe different user interface design patterns
  • Choose the correct interactive control in a user interface design
  • Easily define the concept of progressive disclosure
  • State the difference between interaction design and an information architecture
  • Define the importance of consistency in user interface design

Visual Design

  • Create user interface designs that exploit universal principles of visual design.
  • Identify good and poor page layouts
  • Choose the correct interactive control in a user interface design
  • Improve your research insights using eye tracking methodology

Interface Prototyping

  • Choose between different types of prototyping, for e.g. paper and electronics
  • Describe the differences between prototypes and sketches
  • Identify multiple different design solutions before deciding on a specific design solution
  • Sketch paper prototypes practically

Usability Evaluation

  • Recall Jacob Nielsen’s Usability heuristics and other usability principles
  • State the different kinds of usability evaluation
  • Record the data from usability evaluations
  • Evaluate the usability of systems by applying usability heuristics.

Sketching Screens, Pages and Interactions

  • Applying design fundamentals to build successful screens
  • Building the layout for web, print and pdf

Building a Prototype

  • Creating low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes
  • Building to multiple screen size
  • Establishing and prioritizing features
  • Testing and evolving the design

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