Advanced FileMaker Pro

Duration: 2 Days


This two day course is aimed at those wanting to learn powerful techniques and best practice in FileMaker database design. It covers some of the less obvious features of FileMaker and emphases the creative use of relationships to build user-friendly interfaces and the efficient capture, display and output of data. The course draws on many tried and tested procedures used by FileMaker developers to create database systems that are both easy to use and that possess rich functionality when required.


Strong existing FileMaker Pro skills and a good understanding of relationships and scripting. This may be acquired through experience as a database developer or previous attendance on the equivalent Transmedia training course and follow up practice.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Going further with FileMaker Relationships (1)

  • The creative use of relationships
  • Using non-equijoin relationships
  • Multi-parameter relationships
  • Self relationships
  • Using relationships to create conditional value lists

Going further with FileMaker Relationships (2)

  • Achieving better information presentation through filtered portals
  • Controlling portals using relationships with global fields
  • Enhanced control using multi- parameter global field relationships

Looping and batch processing

  • The Replace command versus Looping techniques
  • Setting initial conditions; using fields with global storage; starting and ending a loop
  • Worked examples: (1) Updating a salary field; (2) Creating multiple user accounts at one time

Using Script Triggers

  • The principle and benefits of script triggers
  • Comparing the various trigger conditions for a script trigger (OnObject, OnRecord conditions, OnLayout conditions etc)
  • Simple demonstration example
  • More sophisticated examples including a “Type Ahead” portal search

The Data Separation Model

  • Understanding the concept
  • Benefits of data separation
  • Practical demonstration

Using the Execute SQL function

  • Understanding the concept
  • Structuring the query
  • Basic SQL commands used in FileMaker
  • Query tutorials

Tutorial Option - Best Practice For Building A Solution

  • Planning the solution; tables and relationships
  • Creating user-friendly navigation
  • Creating filtered portals
  • Scripting as required
  • Building the solution: Option (1) - Creating a Restaurant Menu solution; Option (2) - Creating a Shopping Cart solution

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Exams and Certification

The knowledge gained on this course is a valuable contribution towards passing the FileMaker Pro Certification Exam (more at, allowing a successful candidate to become an FileMaker Certified Developer.

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