Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker

Duration: 2 Days


This Adobe certified class provides delegates with the concepts and skills needed to use FrameMaker effectively. There are plenty of hands-on practicals, particularly using techniques in the Unstructured View of FrameMaker. Attendees will also learn the skills needed to take advantage of long-document support, including book management features, sophisticated tables and the rich formatting options offered by FrameMaker.


This class assumes no prior experience with FrameMaker. Basic computer literacy, including knowledge of the operating system and keyboard and mouse skills, are required.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Working with FrameMaker documents

  • Exploring the document window
  • Applying predefined paragraph
  • Applying predefined character

Defining Paragraph Formats

  • Creating a custom document
  • Copying text
  • Setting up rulers and the grid
  • Creating a side-head area
  • Displaying the Paragraph Designer
  • Formatting headings
  • Formatting body text
  • Formatting numbered lists
  • Formatting bulleted lists
  • Creating a chapter title
  • Deleting formats
  • Defining Colours and Character Formats
  • Defining custom colours and tints
  • Adding colour to paragraph formats
  • Adding colour to auto-numbers
  • Emphasising words and phrases

Page Layout

  • Changing column layout
  • Displaying master pages
  • Numbering pages
  • Creating a running footer
  • Finishing the footers
  • Custom master pages
  • Create a new paragraph format


  • Adjusting header and footer frames for graphics
  • Importing a graphic
  • Masking part of a graphic
  • Copying the graphics
  • Drawing lines and rectangles
  • Aligning and distributing objects
  • Copying the graphics

Document Editing

  • Viewing the document
  • Turning off the display of graphics
  • Defining a user variable
  • Inserting variables
  • Finding and changing text
  • Changing a variable definition
  • Using the thesaurus
  • Checking spelling


  • Inserting a table
  • Filling in the table
  • Adding rows and columns
  • Rearranging information
  • Formatting text in table cells
  • Resizing columns
  • Changing the table format
  • Straddling table cells
  • Reusing a table format

Customising Tables

  • Viewing a sample table
  • Importing text into a table
  • Formatting body cells
  • Formatting the table title
  • Setting basic table properties
  • Resizing columns
  • Using tabs in table cells
  • Defining ruling styles
  • Setting table ruling
  • Using custom ruling and shading

Anchored Frames and Graphics

  • Editing text containing anchored frames
  • Importing a graphic
  • Importing a second graphic
  • Anchoring graphics in the column
  • Using art in the margin
  • Copying anchored frames
  • Using inline graphics
  • Reusing anchored frames
  • Using run-in art
  • Importing movies into documents

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"Our needs and expectations were surpassed."

FSL Aerospace

"I just wanted to let you know that I've managed to replicate the steps you showed me in FileMaker on my organisation's database and have managed to get my invoicing layouts to work perfectly. Thank you very much! I've also been able to use some of the other things you showed me to good effect too so the course has already helped enormously. Just thought you should know :-)"

Julian Support

"Really impressed! I enjoyed the training and would like to do more in the future."

Silk Pearce

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