Introduction to Artlantis Studio 5.1

Duration: 2 Days


The aim of this course is to introduce the essential concepts and practical application of Artlantis Studio..


General knowledge of 3D modeling concepts and familiarity with 2D and 3D drawing or modeling program. It is also assumed that this user will have a general knowledge of design concepts, together with some basic Windows operating system familiarity.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline


  • Introduction to Interface
  • Introduction to XYZ Editing
  • Viewport configuration
  • Merging and importing files

Inroduction to Modelling

  • Creating 3D Standard Primitives
  • Creating 3D Extended Primitives
  • Creating and Extruding Splines

Inroduction to Modifying

  • 2D Modelling and Spline Editing
  • Move, Scale and Rotate Functions
  • Modifying Vertices, Faces and Edges
  • Using the Grid Helper
  • Understanding the Copy, Instance and Reference Clone Options
  • Using the Snap and 3D Snap options
  • Working with mirror, Array and Align
  • The Boolean function
  • The Connect function
  • Creating Lofted Objects

Introduction to Materials

  • Working with the Materials Editor
  • Assigning Materials to Objects
  • Adjusting Self Illumination and Opacity

Introduction to Lighting

  • Creating, Editing and Working with Standard Lights
  • Creating, Editing and Working with Photometric Lights
  • Creating and Editing Mental Ray Daylight Systems

Introduction to Cameras

  • Creating and Editing Free Cameras
  • Creating and Editing Target Cameras

Introduction to Animating

  • Creating and modifying key frames
  • Adjusting time span
  • Introduction to F-Curves
  • Walkthrough
  • Flyround
  • Animating materials
  • Animating lights

Introduction to Rendering

  • Adding backgrounds
  • Rendering a scene
  • Rendering an animation
  • Rendering with Scanline Renderer and the Mental Ray Engine

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