Introduction to Android App Development and Java for non-programmers

Duration: 2 Days


This course is designed to introduce coding beginners to the world of Android application software development. The course looks at the principles of Java, the language that powers apps on Android devices, such as phones and tablets, as well as the tools commonly used for building Android apps, including Eclipse. By the end of the course, delegates will have designed and coded a finished app.


Familiarity with Android, either on an tablet or phone. No previous programming experience is required.

Course includes

Instruction from an experienced, published, Android developer. A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline


  • Overview of the Android platform
  • The applications of Android
  • Limitations of Android

App production workflow

  • The best practices for managing an app project
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Software development lifecycle
  • Version control


  • How is software created?
  • Why is software created this way?
  • What is a programming language?


  • How and why is Java used?
  • A hands on look at the programming language that powers Android, among other systems
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Printing to the console

If Statements

  • Adding flow and variance to your program
  • Comparison operators
  • Boolean logical operators
  • Else statements


  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Do-While loops
  • Leaving loops early

Switch Case

  • Complex decision making with switch-case
  • Switch-case syntax
  • Advantages and disadvantages of switch-case

Object Orientated Programming

  • What is object orientated programming?
  • Java objects
  • Communicating with and manipulating objects
  • Android objects


  • The Android SDK & IDE
  • The Package Explorer
  • Editors
  • The Menu Bar
  • The Tool Bar
  • The Shortcut Bar
  • The debug view and logcat

Android XML

  • Creating layouts with XML
  • The Android manifest

Debugging and testing

  • Using the simulator & AVD
  • Building and running an app
  • Debugging and interpreting errors
  • Syntactic errors
  • Semantic errors

This course is available as a private or customised course. Contact us for further information and to customise this course to your exact requirements:

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