Oracle Database Advanced

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Multiple Table Selects
  • Temporary Tables
  • Views
  • Advanced Data Organisation

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This course is aimed at Oracle database developers, administrators and analysts who need to take the basics of Oracle SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements to the next level. The aim of the course is to show the more advanced use of SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE statements providing delegates with the necessary knowledge and hands on experience to construct complex queries to satisfy complex information extraction requirements. The course focuses on real world business needs and shows how to make the extensive Oracle library of functions work together to manipulate and extract data values. It also explores the many different ways of retrieving information from multiple tables from simple multi-table SELECT statements through to complex correlated sub-queries as well as introducing the many ways of analysing and processing data through methods such as grouping of data and implementing computed columns. The course will do more than just teach each topic as an isolated subject; it will show delegates how to integrate all these query methods and more to help satisfy their business information extraction needs. The course is appropriate to users of Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g.

Course Outline


  • Review of SELECT Statement Basics
  • Nesting Functions
  • CASE Statement

Multiple Table Selects

  • CROSS Joins
  • INNER Join
  • OUTER Joins
  • Table Aliases
  • Self Join
  • Joining on non-key columns
  • Advanced Joins
  • Mixing INNER and OUTER Joins

Temporary Tables

  • Local Temporary Tables
  • Global Temporary Tables


  • Single Table Views
  • Multi-table Views
  • Updating Through Views

Advanced Data Organisation

  • The GROUP BY Clause
  • The HAVING Clause
  • Ranking Grouped Data
  • The CUBE and ROLLUP options

Sub Queries

  • Simple Sub Queries
  • Using Aggregate Functions in Sub Queries
  • Correlated Sub Queries
  • Avoiding Sub Queries
  • Derived Table Sub Queries
  • Sub Queries in SELECT Lists

Advanced Update and Delete Statements

  • Simple Update and Delete Statements
  • UPDATES and DELETES With Sub Queries
  • The FROM Clause

Merging Records

  • MERGE Statement

Common Table Expressions

  • Simple CTEs
  • Recursive Data Sets
  • Hierarchical Data Sets

Simple Execution Plans

  • Graphical Execution Plans
  • Estimated Plans
  • Actual Plans
  • Query Plan Costs
  • Physical Operations
  • Order Of Execution

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