Advanced Adobe Edge Animate

Duration: 2 Days


Adobe Edge Animate is a Flash alternative that allows creative professionals to animate artwork using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Edge uses a familiar Adobe interface, borrowing the workspace and user interface conventions of After Effects and Flash Professional. Our Advanced Edge course takes delegates beyond the point and click approach, with built in triggers, to enhance animations and build more complex interactions.


Attendance on the Introduction to Edge training course or equivalent knowledge.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline


  • Overview of symbols
  • Working with nested symbols
  • Building custom buttons
  • Overview of applying triggers to events
  • Controlling nested timelines
  • Working with the code panel
  • Loop the playhead for a set number of times

Javascript and jQuery

  • Overview
  • The building blocks of code:
    - variables
    - concatenation
    - conditonals
    - functions
    - loops
    - arrays
  • Testing your code
  • Working with the Edge API
  • Edge API Reference
  • Obtaining an Edge reference to an element
  • Obtaining a jQuery reference to an element
  • Adding events to the Stage
  • Embedding Google maps and YouTube video
  • Dynamically remove elements from the Stage
  • Add and style hyperlinks
  • Replace text
  • Handling keyboard events
  • Identifying specific keys via key codes
  • Handle logic and implement loops for repeated actions

Working with random values

  • Overview
  • Math.random()
  • Math.round()
  • Creating random ranges
  • Creating dynamic animations based on random values
  • Displaying random content

Drag and Drop

  • Creating a custom jQuery UI
  • Loading drag and drop with yepnope
  • Implementing drag and drop
  • Firing actions on completion
  • Restricting the drag area
  • Removing drag based on conditions
  • Exploring the jQuery drag documentation
  • Build a drag bar
  • Build an image gallery
  • Using the drag bar to control the gallery timeline

HTML and Data

  • Injecting HTML into the Edge composition
  • Bringing a Dreamweaver image map into Edge
  • What is Ajax?
  • Load data dynamically
  • Creating multiple symbols dynamically
  • Animating symbols with random speeds
  • Attaching user events to dynamic symbols
  • Removing dynamic symbols


  • Q&A
  • Where to go from here

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Course Dates

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15% discount for groups of four delegates.
10% discount for groups of three delegates.
(This offer applies for delegates on the same public scheduled course on the same date.)

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