Creative Masterclass in Adobe After Effects

Duration: 5 Days


This five day course covers all aspects of After Effects, drawing on our Intro, Intermediate and Advanced courses but incorporating extra tutorials, a customised training session, fast work flow techniques and commercial case studies. You’ll be trained by an industry professional who will pass on numerous real-world advice and tips and tricks of the trade. By the end of the course you’ll be fully equipped to create stunning animated motion graphics in all your projects.


None other than basic IT competency.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Introduction to the Interface

  • Understanding all the panels
  • Making decisions for the most important preferences
  • Workspace options

Importing footage

  • QuickTime, AVI and Image sequences
  • Photoshop files
  • Illustrator integration
  • Audio files
  • Using Quick Search to find elements

Working with Layers

  • Structuring Layers
  • Types of layers
  • Blending Modes
  • Parenting
  • Track Mattes
  • Pre-compose

Animation Techniques

  • Ball bouncing basics
  • Speed and acceleration
  • Looping
  • Using the Speed graphs to perfect timing
  • Animating to music
  • The Puppet Tool
  • Using the Wiggler
  • Using Motion Sketch


  • Creating and modifying text in After Effects
  • Animating text along a path
  • Advance Text selectors
  • Stylised Text creation
  • Text Animating On
  • Text appearing out of smoke

Working with Masks and Mattes

  • Creating Masks
  • Animating Masks
  • Mask properties
  • Smart Mask interpolation
  • Auto-tracing
  • Variable mask feathering


  • Blurs and glows
  • Fractal noise
  • Distortion
  • Warping
  • Exploding
  • Combining effects successfully
  • Brainstorming effects
  • Creating pre-set effects


  • 1-point motion tracking
  • 2-point motion tracking
  • Motion Stabilising
  • Tracking and Rotoscoping in Mocha AE
  • 3D camera tracker


  • Using Keylight
  • Luma Keyer
  • Matte Choker
  • Roto Brush


  • Pixel Polly (Shatter)
  • Particle Playground
  • Particle World
  • Linking particles to animation

Image enhancements

  • Using Warp Stabiliser to remove jitter
  • Rolling shutter repair
  • Overview of additional third party plug-ins

3D Space

  • Working with 3D layers
  • Working with cameras
  • Working with lights
  • Working with depth of field
  • Extruding text and shapes to 3D
  • Linking and aligning 3D orientation
  • Building 3D Models and shapes
  • Compositing multi-pass renders from 3D applications

Time-based effects

  • Slow motion techniques / stop frames
  • Time stretching, ramping and blending


  • Expression commands
  • Looping and controlling time
  • Controlling ranges
  • Linking properties together
  • Linking and aligning orientation
  • Randomising properties


  • Repairing images and movies
  • Stop-frame animation techniques
  • Rig removal


  • Adobe Illustrator integration
  • Adobe Dynamic Link with Premier Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop integration
  • Adobe Flash integration
  • Final Cut Pro Importer

Effect Generators

  • Fractal Noise
  • Radio Waves
  • Lightning
  • Shatter
  • Snow

Colour Treatment and Correction

  • Curves and Histograms
  • Colour correction and blending effects
  • Black and white tone handling
  • Grading with Colour Finesse
  • Creating a 'look'


  • The Render Queue
  • Output and compression settings settings
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • File formats
  • Export for Web and mobile devices
  • Dynamic link to Premier Pro without rendering

Project management

  • Speeding up compositions
  • Pre Rendering
  • Using proxy files
  • Reducing projects and collecting files

Practical Options

  • Tutorials on the above topics will be provided but delegates will also be invited to bring along their own projects or footage to work on in problem-solving sessions.

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Course Dates

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The new course schedule is currently being updated and will be ready shortly. Please phone us on 0208 269 4260 or email us for the latest dates.

All our courses run in London and Bristol, or can be tailored to requirements at your own offices. For alternative dates, please email or call us on 0208 269 4260
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15% discount for groups of four delegates.
10% discount for groups of three delegates.
(This offer applies for delegates on the same public scheduled course on the same date.)

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