Introduction to Nuke

Duration: 2 Days


To introduce delegates to the powerful industry standard compositing software Nuke and enable them to be able to be equipped to start working at a professional level.


An understanding of digital compositing is an advantage but not essential.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Nuke Overview

  • Introduction to node based compositing
  • Understanding the Interface
  • Settings
  • Viewer
  • Toolbar
  • Changing, saving and loading Layouts

Compositing Nodes

  • Read Nodes
  • Merge Nodes
  • Transformation Nodes
  • Colour Correction Nodes
  • Effect Nodes
  • Write nodes
  • Using Dot and Backdrop nodes


  • Set and Delete Key frames
  • Curve Editor and Dope Sheet
  • Copying data between nodes: Paste and Link to (Tracker)

Play back

  • Previewing in Nuke
  • Playing back in Frame Cycler

Concatenation, BBox and BlackOutside

  • User standing the BBox and Blackoutside
  • BlackOutside
  • Crop
  • Using the CurveTool (AutoCrop) with the Crop node

Colour Corrections

  • Atomic colour correction using Add, Multiply, Gamma and Saturation
  • Working with Premultiplied images containing Alpha.
  • Integration colour techniques using Grade, Colour Transfer and F_MatchGrade
  • Artistic colour techniques Colour Correction

Channel Sets and Channels

  • Channels Sets and Channels
  • Shuffle
  • Shuffle Copy vs. Channel Copy
  • Node’s ‘Output’ option


  • Creating shapes using Bezier, B-Spline, Ellipse and Rectangle
  • Editing selecting and animating shapes
  • Per object and per point feathering
  • Transform, Shape, Clone and Lifetime


  • Colour
  • Luma
  • IBK
  • Keylight
  • Garbage mattes
  • Using AddMix and KeyMix
  • Lightwrap and Edge Blur Integration Tools


  • Creating a Tracker
  • Using the tracked data
  • Matchmove, Stabilize, Add Jitter, Remove Jitter and CornerPin
  • Good Tracker workflow to avoid breaking concatenation
  • Using Planar Tracking
  • Using F_Steadiness

Rig Removal

  • Removing wires using F_WireRemoval
  • Removing rigs using F_RigRemoval

Effects and Filters

  • Effects and Filters using Erode, Bilateral, Median and Matrix
  • Creating a custom Sharpen and Defocus effect
  • Removing grain and noise
  • Adding and matching grain and noise
  • Image Distortion
  • Morphing and Warping
  • Lens Distortion
  • Lens Effects

Motion Blur

  • Using common motion blur parameters built into the Transform Nodes
  • Using Time nodes to add motion blur: TimeBlur and NoTimeBlur
  • Using F_MotionBlur

Compositing CGI Renders

  • Using the render passes
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Reflection
  • zDepth
  • ID

3D Space

  • An Introduction to Nuke’s 3D Environment
  • Understanding 3D nodes: Card, Camera, Axis, Scene and ScanlineRender
  • TransformGeo
  • Point, Spot, Directional and Environment Lights

3D Camera Tracking

  • 3D Camera Tracking basics
  • Refining the Solve
  • Refining the generated 3D Camera
  • Working with the Point Cloud data

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"I have nearly thirty years experience as an information systems manager and I cannot recall meeting a trainer with the combination of teaching skill and subject knowledge that you displayed over the last two days. I am self employed and so time spent on a course is time spent not earning. This was worth the money and my time!"

Trinitas Consulting

"Lovely surroundings, easy-going people, interesting learning- brilliant, first time I’ve enjoyed editing!"

Southwest Screen

"Very clear instruction and presentation."

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