Writing for the Web

Duration: 1 Day


Delegates will learn how to produce clear, readable on-line information and a greater understanding of how to write for the web.


A desire to create online text content that takes into account web editorial guidelines, house style, best practice for the web and search engine optimisation.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Identifying Goals

  • Identifying your message
  • Matching content to audience
  • Boosting the reading experience
  • Identifying writing strategies

Achieving “readability”

  • “Hooking” and rewarding the reader
  • Considerations of article length, readability and style
  • Organising material; what to include and what to leave out
  • Checking your website for common mistakes

Effective writing styles

  • Conveying positive corporate qualities in your writing
  • Using the right language; identifying the appropriate degree of formality; the active voice v. the passive voice
  • Avoiding verbiosity and waffle; using short phrases and simple sentences
  • Grammatical considerations
  • Optimising your site for search engines; using keywords; catering for non-native English speakers

Writing for different parts of the site

  • Writing for home pages
  • Writing for summary pages
  • Structuring “body” or general information pages

Approaches to formatting

  • Achieving emphasis; using headings
  • Using fonts appropriately
  • Typography, colour, sizes and styles
  • Catering for pages that print
  • Achieving consistency across pages
  • Graphics-based text; anti-aliasing; animated text
  • Considering the benefits of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Repurposing content for the web

  • Analysing existing content for structure and style
  • Recap of print and web differences
  • Technical issues of conversion and implications for workload and workflow
  • What to cut out and what to leave in

Company specific advice (where appropriate)

  • Corporate policies
  • Following guidelines
  • Web-specific best practices

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Course Dates

RemoteLondon CentralLondon GreenwichBristol

The new course schedule is currently being updated and will be ready shortly. Please phone us on 0208 269 4260 or email us for the latest dates.

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15% discount for groups of four delegates.
10% discount for groups of three delegates.
(This offer applies for delegates on the same public scheduled course on the same date.)

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