Designing Websites with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Duration: 2 Days


This course is aimed at those developing web sites and corporate intranets. It explores how using style sheets can dramatically improve the creation and management of a site. The focus is on creating and implementing stylesheets in a text editor, but also covers implementation of stylesheets using Dreamweaver


Experience in producing web sites, and a basic knowledge of HTML or previous attendance on the Introduction to Web Publishing or Dreamweaver course

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Introduction to CSS

  • Benefits of separating Style from Content
  • Stylesheet syntax
  • Rules, Selectors and Tags
  • Cascading order
  • Inheritance

Implementing style sheets

  • Inline styles
  • Internal/ embedded stylesheets
  • External/Linked stylesheets
  • Importing stylesheets

Best practices

  • Cross platform compatibility and usability issues
  • Units - ems, percentage, pixels

CSS Selectors

  • Tag selectors
  • Class and id selectors
  • Contextual Selectors
  • Pseudo classes and pseudo elements
  • Specificity

Text and Fonts

  • Typographical properties
  • Font Properties
  • List Styles

The Box Model

  • Formatting with the box model
  • Borders, Padding and Margins
  • Alignment
  • Floating Elements

CSS Positioning

  • Positioning absolutely vs. relatively
  • Layering elements with the Z-Index property
  • Making elements invisible

Colours and Backgrounds

  • Specifying colours and backgrounds
  • Setting border and hyperlink colours
  • Controlling the background image


  • Parts of a table
  • The collapsing borders model
  • Alignment and sizes
  • Rules in conflict
  • Cascading order

CSS Layout

  • Using divs for layout
  • Understanding float
  • Relative positioning on a div
  • Centering content
  • Fluid vs Elastic vs Fixed layout

Design and Usage Techniques

  • Dynamic link colours
  • Styling form elements
  • Creating navigation bars
  • CSS Rollovers
  • Creating and using CSS Sprites
  • Using CSS Frameworks

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