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Transmedia is proud to announce that we are one of a select few official Apple Authorised Training Providers in the UK. Our unique training partnership with LearnQuest allows us to bring you the latest Apple courses, run by fully Certified Instructors.

Our trainers have followed the rigorous official Apple training route themselves to become Certified, which means that they are at a level of excellence, and due to their status, are the first to hear the latest news or changes to the software which they can then pass on to students exclusively.

We run the following Apple Authorised training courses:

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Apple Certification is currently available for the Pro Applications range of Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro, as well as for macOS.

Each Certification has a recommended route to help you pass the exam. The tables below show the courses relevant to each exam.

We provide Apple Authorised training for technical users on iOS and macOS, and creative professionals on Apple's Pro Apps. Regardless of subject matter, students participate in hands-on exercises and interactive activities with real-world relevance that our customers have come to expect.

Besides differentiating you a skilled user, an Apple Certification enables you to leverage the power of the Apple brand. When you pass the certification exam, you receive an email detailing how you'll receive your Apple certificate, along with instructions on how to order a framed version. The email includes LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter icons to make it easy for you to share your certification news with networks on these sites.

When you book your Apple certification course AND exam with us, the exam costs just £110 + VAT, instead of £150 + VAT.

IT Professionals

macOS Certifications

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Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) 10.14 macOS Support Essentials 10.14 (Mojave 101)
Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) 10.13 macOS Support Essentials 10.13 (High Sierra 101)
Apple Certified Associate - Mac Integration Basics 10.13 Mac Integration Basics 10.13

Creative Professionals

Pro Application Certifications

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Apple Certified Pro - Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X 10.14: Professional Post-Production
Apple Certified Pro - Logic Pro X Logic Pro X 10.4

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for an exam?

How you learn is up to you. We recommend you take a class run by our expert trainers here at Transmedia. You may also wish to visit the Peachpit site for the Apple Pro Training Series.


Students should have at least ONE of the following prior to taking the exam:

  • Attended a Pro Application course at an Apple Authorised Training Centre.
  • Have extensive experience with their chosen application.

What format does the exam take?

The exam is based on the content of the course book, which must be purchased separately. The exam is taken online, based on multiple-choice questions and answered within a given time limit, which is usually two hours. During the exam you are not allowed to use the Apple application or consult the course book.

Can I skip the course and just take the exam?

Yes. Our standard charge for taking just the exam is £150.00.

When do I take the exam?

You can take your exam immediately after the course (which in practice means during the last two hours of the last day of the course), or anytime within two weeks of the end of the course.

If you require the exam-only option, we will arrange a suitable time for you to take the exam.


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