Advanced Techniques in Logic Pro

Duration: 3 Days


This three-day course takes you through Logic's powerful advanced features, covering everything from production, editing, and mixing, to notation and scoring to picture. Throughout the class professional secrets are revealed regarding how to streamline production workflow, accelerate editing tasks, effectively manage takes, and construct a mix that will meet the most exacting standards. You'll discover powerful techniques for multi-track recording and explore the limitless potential of Logic's audio instruments, including the revolutionary Sculpture.


A basic knowledge of Mac OS X and a Level One Logic Pro End User certification is required. Ideally, students will have attended a Logic 101 course.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Speeding up Workflow

  • Using Project Templates
  • Creating your own Template
  • Customising the Interface
  • Using Key Commands
  • Accessing the Tool menu
  • Saving a Project Template
  • Opening and creating projects automatically and Backing Up and transporting your project

Managing Projects and Takes

  • Using Project Folders
  • Working with Assets
  • Quickly accessing additional tracks
  • Recording multiple tracks simultaneously and Deleting unused tracks

Matching Tempo and Pitch

  • Working with Apple Loops
  • Using the Time and Pitch Machine
  • Performing Time Stretching and Compression in the Arrange Area and Working with Rubato Passages

Working with Software Instruments

  • Getting familiar with the instruments
  • Understanding the user interface
  • Using Ultrabeat
  • Using the EXS24 mkII software sampler
  • Using the EVP88 Vintage Electric Piano
  • Using the EVD6 Vintage Clavinet
  • Using the EFM 1 FM Synthesizer
  • Using the ES1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer
  • Using the ES2 Synthesizer
  • Using global tracks to create a quick arrangement
  • Sound Design with Sculpture and Treating your MIDI hardware as software

Advanced Audio Editing

  • Using Edits to create parts
  • Comping Tracks and Fixing problems using the Sample Editor

Advanced MIDI Editing

  • Using Loops
  • Copies
  • and Aliases
  • Demixing MIDI Regions
  • Working with region parameters
  • Working with MIDI Note Events and Using Transform Functions

Working with Mixer Channels

  • Using the Mixer
  • Using Insert Effects
  • Using Send Effects
  • Panning Stereo Tracks
  • Switching the Contents of the Plug-in Window
  • Changing Plug-inLocations and Using Channel Strip Settings

Controlling Signal Flow

  • Using Aux Channels as Submixes
  • Applying Send Effects to Submixes
  • Using Mixer Groups and Incorporating external effects Processors

Automating the Mix

  • Automating the Mix
  • Working with Offline Automation and Performing Real-Time Automation

MIDI Processing in the Environment

  • Basic Settings
  • Importing a Movie File
  • Detecting Scene Cuts
  • Manipulating the Grid and Exporting your movie soundtrack

Troubleshooting Logic

  • Getting Sound Out and In
  • Getting MIDI Out and In
  • Recovering deleted Audio or MIDI regions
  • Reading the system performance meter
  • Basic computer maintenance steps and adding third party plug-ins

Course Dates

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Exams and Certification

Attendance on this course is a pre-requisite towards passing the Logic Pro 9 Level Two Exam, allowing a successful candidate to achieve Apple Certified Pro - Logic Pro 9 Level Two status.

"The course was an excellent experience and will further my career opportunities."

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"Fantastic! Everything was explained very clearly."


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. I really enjoyed the training and we got a lot done. The database looks really amazing, specially with the starter page and the logo. Thanks to Megan & Debra for sorting out the admin side and looking after me. "

Paresh Dudhaiya

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