Introduction to DVD Studio Pro 4.0

Duration: 3 Days


Students will learn everything they need to create a professional DVD title and will be guided through every aspect of DVD authoring, from initial storyboarding to burning and replication. Students will also learn how to create amazing MPEG 2 video with Compressor as well as create eye-popping motion menus directly in DVD Studio Pro 4. Students will also create a DVD by adding buttons, interactive links, slideshows, playlists and even adding alternate audio stream and camera angles.


Basic knowledge of Mac OS X and some knowledge of Final Cut Pro is recommended.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Preparing Your First DVD Project

  • DVD Creation Process
  • DVD Specification Basics
  • Exploring the Interface
  • Creating a Simple DVD in Basic View
  • Creating a Menu
  • Connecting Assets to the Menu
  • Simulating a Disc
  • Building a Project and Burning a Disc

Exploring the Full Interface

  • Opening the Project
  • Exploring Window Configurations and Adjusting the Project

Setting Up a Simple DVD

  • Storyboarding a DVD
  • Creating a Storyboard Using the Graphical Tab
  • Previewing the Finished Project with Apple's DVD Player
  • Identifying Source Video Settings
  • Setting DVD Studio Pro Preferences
  • Setting Up Disc Properties
  • Importing Audio and Video and Setting Chapter Markers

Creating Menus within DVD Studio Pro

  • The Menu Creation Process
  • Importing Assets
  • Adding a Background Graphic
  • Using the Safe Title and Action Safe Features
  • Creating Buttons on a Still Menu
  • Making Connections from Buttons to Video
  • Adding Title and Text to the Menu
  • Adding Sound to the Menu
  • Creating an Intro Menu
  • Targeting Navigation on your DVD and Using a Drop Zone to Create a Motion Menu

Creating a Chapter Index Menu

  • Customising Default Chapter Index Menu
  • Setting Up the Chapter Index Navigation Buttons
  • Adding a Drop Zone Shape and Automating the Chapter Index Menu Creation Process

Creating a Slideshow

  • Using Slideshows
  • File Formats for Slideshows
  • Adding a Slideshow
  • Modifying Your Slideshow
  • Slideshow transitions and Converting a Slideshow to a Track

Adding Subtitles

  • Creating Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro
  • Modifying the Font and Colour of Subtitles
  • Importing Subtitles from a Text File
  • Previewing Subtitles
  • Creating Buttons over Video and Understanding Closed Captioning

Finishing Your DVD

  • Adding DVD-ROM Content to a DVD-Video Disc
  • Testing Your Project
  • Building and Formatting a DVD
  • Using the Apple DVD Player
  • Burning a Disc Using the Burn Command
  • Choosing Recordable DVD Media and Distributing your Completed DVD

Encoding with Compressor

  • Understanding Compression
  • Importing a File into Compressor from Final Cut Pro
  • Applying Preset Settings
  • Creating Custom Settings
  • Setting Compression Markers in Compressor
  • Creating Chapter Markers
  • Submitting Files for Encoding and Creating a Compressor Droplet

Designing Advanced Menus

  • Maintaining the Look of Menu Graphics
  • Creating Standard Menus
  • Adding a Simple Overlay
  • Creating Buttons for the Overlay
  • Choosing Highlights for Button States
  • Using Advanced Overlays with Grayscale colour Mapping
  • Customizing Button colours
  • Saving Default colours
  • Adding a Motion Background
  • Setting a Loop Point
  • Working with Motion Menus
  • Advantages of Layered Menus
  • Adding a Layered Menu
  • Creating Layered Menu Buttons and Linking your Assets


  • Stories and Connections
  • Working with Chapter Markers
  • Creating Markers in Final Cut Pro
  • Setting Encoding Preferences
  • Using Stories as Playlists
  • Creating and Working with Stories
  • Establishing Connections and Finding the Unconnected Elements


  • Stories and Connections
  • Applying a Transition
  • Using a Video Transition
  • Using Alpha Transitions
  • Exploring the Asset Movie
  • Exploring the Background Matte Movie


  • Building Menu Loop Scripts and Creating Return to Menu Scripts

Creating Transitions

  • Applying a Transition
  • using a Video Transition
  • Using Alpha Transitions
  • Exploring the Asset Movie and Exploring the Background Matte Movie

Using Alternate Angles

  • Setting Up the Project
  • About Alternate Angles
  • Creating Multi-Angle Tracks
  • Creating Mixed-Angle Tracks
  • Targeting Alternate Angle Streams
  • Simulating Alternate Angle Errors and Exploring Final Cut Pro Markers

Converting SD To HD

  • HD to SD Downconversions
  • Encoding HD Assets and Converting SD Projects to HD Projects

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